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With a design heritage that spans nearly a century, we have perfected the fine art of themed portrayals. Be it an era, or art movement; each new collection reflects substance and meaning that go beyond surface beauty. This characteristic uniqueness is deeply rooted in our design approach; practiced by the Craftsmen of the CJS family who are among the finest in the trade. Their ability to mold and fashion exclusive pieces of jewellery; breath-taking works of art that are highly original in their elegance, is unequalled. As such, everything we do is a labour of passion, and every creation at our hands; a memorable statement of high fashion.

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Unique Gems

We feature some of the most stunning selections of precious gems, as discovered and sourced through the finest purveyors; locally and from around the world. Taking center stage are the world-renowned Sri Lankan sapphires; unique in their brilliance and refinement. The CJS offering is flawless in its intricacy in cut and polished perfection; complementing the beauty of each and every piece of jewellery that carry them. Each stone in its placement, is intended to infuse emotion to the art of design.


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Oceans Blue Logo, CJS Initiative with Oceanswell

Ocean Blues

‘Love for the Blue Whale’ is an extension of this collaboration, that places special emphasis on efforts to sustain pristine habitats for the majestic blue whales that grace our seas.

Unforgettable Logo, CJS Initiative with SLWCS


One of the first initiatives carried out following the launch of the ‘Unforgettable’ campaign, was the presenting of a 24-seater bus for the use of villagers living inside of an elephant corridor in rural Sri Lanka.